Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Try Different Celebrity Hairstyle on your Face with Android App

The famous Lady Laga is much known for her costumes and hair style that has during her live performances and concerts. The fashion changes from time to time and what could be the best to just try out and see how that hairstyle will look on you. Doing a photo editing will do it for you to just have a try on how that shapes up on you. Believe me, trying that don’t require any Photoshop editing, although if you use that you can get professional photos. Here we provide you with a basic Android application which can do it for you in simple ways.
Ultimate Hair Style Try-On is an Android application available for free download on all Android powered mobile phones to try out various hair styles on the photos of yours. You can even try those default hair style patterns on your friend’s photos as well or any photo of human being. When you apply a hair style on any of the photos, you can tap to zoom in to get the particular looks, you can tap again to zoom about, simple. The photo can be taken from your camera with direct snap or else it can be choose from the Facebook or even your phone camera can be used to take any photo.
Ultimate Hair Style Ultimate Hair Style Ultimate Hair Style
Once you install this application you will see a Style Browser which allows you to go through the thousands of celebrities hair style and go through various colors with simple swipe controls. You can toggle between various hairstyles and colours. Also there is the option of face adjustments available in this application. And the option of social sharing is almost available in all those applications to gain popularity with that.
Ultimate Hair Style Try-On Download
Ultimate Hair Style Try-On Android application can be downloaded for free from Android Apps Labs portal for the best Android application listing. What you have to do is open Android Apps Labs on your mobile phone and visit the Ultimate Hair Style Try-On page and then click on Install button to proceed with the automatic installation of this application. Once its installed you are ready to use it. As simple as it can get.


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