Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to Have 750 MB Internal Menory in Android phones (dualboot mod)

this is only one of dualboot implementation based on irfanbagus's work. in this mod the second ROM will installed on sdcard with modified partition size. we'll make bigger partition on data and system partition.

1. know how to customize a rom.
2. know how to install a custom kernel
3. know how to partition sdcard, and of course
3. a sdcard minimal 8gb class 6.

what you'll nedd:
1. a custom rom to be modified.
2. a dualboot custom kernel. you can get it here.
3. a modified rom installer script.
4. a partition tools.
5. all things needed to modify a rom. 

the steps:
make 4 partition on your sdcard. all partition is primary. my recommended setting for all partition is. 6gb fat32 on first partition, 300mb ext3 on 2nd partition, 300mb ext3 for 3rd partition, and the rest ext3 for 4th partition. you can modify the the 1st and 4th size but don't change the 2nd and 3rd partition size. 

2. >>>install irfan's dualboot kernel<<<
feel free to use any method to install the kernel. you can use mai77's, faqbly's method or odin to install the kernel. 

3. >>>ROM preparation<<<
extract your custom rom. replace meta-inf folder with the one I've give to you. this script will install your rom to your sdcard partition. re-zip the rom, then copy it to your formatted sdcard (in the 1st partition of course). if these script didn't work check irfan's original post for detailed guide on modifying installer script here

4. >>>dual boot setting and ROM installation<<<
create a blank file in sdcard named 'bootsdcard' then go to recovery mode. install your custom rom. wait till it finished then reboot. the first installation will take a longer than the usual. be patient. 

finish. enjoy your 2nd rom with larger /data and /system partition


there are several possibilities on installing the new rom. in most cases, it have succesfully installed the rom (I've got no report on installation failure till this moment). but if the rom doesn't work, you'll need to modify the rom and the installer script. 

2. the succession rate is depend on your custom rom and your sdcard quality. do your best to modify it.

3. don't use a2sd or link2sd
4. don't install the app on sdcard when you use the 2nd rom.
5. it will get laggy if your sdcard is not fast enough. you'll need a faster one.
6. this mood will make your battery drains faster. please be cautious.

1. myss ROM developer. my installation script is based on it.
2. irfanbagus, for the dualboot kernel and his helpfull guide.
3. all XDA member who have share their knowledge for us.

I'm a chemis student. another mid-user here. no need to give thanks. give them to the dev instead.

this is another updater script which automatically delete your sdcard's /data partition.


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