Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Install & Run Android Apps on Windows 7 Computers

The Android operating system is the world’s bestselling smartphone platform and it has achieved this feat within quick time. The main reason being the open source of Android and the availability of Android Apps which can help users to explore out of their smartphones. Currently there are over 0.2 million of Apps available for Android at Android Market online store run by Google. The better thing is that 80% of those apps are for free downloading and remaining 20% are the paid ones with nominal fee ranging from $1 to $5. The big development of Android is only because it has growing large number of developers writing applications which extends the functionality of mobile.
BlueStacks, a name unknown until now announces the launch of their technology which allow Windows 7 PC users to run Android, install Android apps and share data between the two operating system. With BlueStacks end consumers can enjoy the full Android environment, just install Android apps, test Android apps & use those apps on their Windows PC. You can also run the Windows on your Android phone providing you Dual OS in parallel with Windows and Android. You can switch instantaneously within 1 second of time and this requires no reboot. With this you can share media between the two OS and it’s packed with lot of features.
The end users can access the huge collection of free and paid Android apps from Amazon’s AppStore. The apps purchased from Amazon can be shared across multiple OC and phones too. In addition to Amazon AppStore, it also supports applications from GetJar, SlideMe, PocketGear & LivingSocial. Regardless of the application developers all the apps designed for operating in Android will work Windows too so that the users will have same feeling, interaction and use as they get through their phone.
BlueStacks multi OS runtime is through the virtualization technology. You can make use of your own mouse and keyboard in sync with the Android Apps straightaway from the screen of your Windows.
BlueStacks Features
Listed here are the features that will be seen in the BlueStacks as it will available soon -
  1. With BlueStacks you can run Windows and Android in parallel.
  2. It provides you instant switch between OS. You can switch between Windows and Android within 1 second of time and this requires no reboot too.
  3. With it you can launch Windows and Android applications at the same time without hanging or causing trouble to other applications being running.
  4. You can share data, pictures, files and videos between Android and Windows quickly.
  5. Android gets updates all the time and with BlueStacks you can install & upgrade the Android to the latest version with automatic updates. The same applies to the Windows OS on Android.
  6. You can run Android on the docked PC and Windows on the external display.
  7. Now Android is connected to your Windows PC with remote share, you can enjoy the connectivity and usage to the third party peripherals like USB camera, printer and scanners.
  8. As Android is all about Apps, you can download and run Android Apps on your Windows PC to test or run it and you can also download it directly from the app market.
  9. BlueStacks is fully customizable, you can customize your BlueStacks with complete makeover as you like.
  10. You can share media codec between Windows and Android apps.
  11. For enterprise you can deploy and manage Android apps through Citrix and Microsoft enterprise infrastructure.
  12. BlueStacks is completely free to use.
BlueStacks virtualization technology can support different operating systems and their applications which includes
  1. Android on Windows x86
  2. Android on Windows for ARM (with Windows 8)
  3. Android on Chrome OS for x86
  4. Windows on Android for x86
BlueStacks Download
Developers can be much benefited from the virtualization program and the consumers can expect with wide variety of tablets in the coming months in the Windows 7 powered ones. The Alpha release of BlueStacks is coming this summer and mostly it would be launched on 20 June2011. You can sign up for Alpha release from their homepage and you would be notified as soon as the alpha release is available for testing. There is no word on when would be the official full version would be available.
Another news that flashes on their homepage is the ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro will be available with Windows 7 and the Android is powered by BlueStacks.
Here is the video from BlueStacks showings its demo -

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