Sunday, April 8, 2012

[•REC] The videogame

[REC] The videogame is the official game of the popular and acclaimed [REC] horror movies created by Filmax. In this FPS (First Person Shooter) you become the reporter Angela Vidal ([REC]) and a G.E.O.S. soldier ([REC]2) to join the building where strange incidents have been reported to be happening. Hopefully you will be able to discover the mistery around the Medeiros Girl. Complete the 27 missions, clear all the zombies before they infect you, and keep filming,


Open chainfire3D and click on 'Reduce texture quality' and 'Reduce texture size' also use QUALCOMM plugin.
How to play
1,Copy data to Android/data/<here>.
2,After extract data its size approx 915mb but need 950mb space in sdcard.
2,Install and open APK file then click anywhere on screen for loading and click on story mode and click continue 'NOT ON NEW GAME'.
3,Controll's are difficult so hard to play but game run wihout a single lag.
4,Enjoy the game


Thanks to  for uploading APK & DATA.


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