Monday, February 27, 2012

The Moron Test - Prove you are a genious with this fun and tricky brain-teaser [GAME]

Check out The Moron Test, one of the top selling mobile games of all-time!
Graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap, twist, and shake your way through these fun and tricky challenges! Master the game, then laugh as your friends and familystruggle with these seemingly simple puzzles!
The Moron Test is one of the most popular mobile games ever with millions of players worldwide. Play now and experience why The Moron Test is an Android Market favorite!
The Moron Test - it's fun to FAIL!
- Simple, addicting gameplay
- Five sections featuring hundreds of fun puzzles
- Funny characters, sound effects, and music
- Global leaderboards and achievements
- You will LOVE watching your friends FAIL!
- Old School
- Late Registration
Winter Break
- Food Fight
- Skip Day
- Ooga School

This Game costs $.99 in the market, however you can get it for free from here ::
Mediafire link - -

- - Go to this link, wait for 5 seconds and then click 'Skip' on the top right corner.

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