Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get a Tablet UI on CyanogenMod9 for the Atrix 4g

For those of us who don’t have tablets,
we often find ourselves envious of
those who do have tablets. The giant
screen, the extra features and the slick
user interfaces, to name a few.
Sometimes, it’s a little fun to grab up a
tablet-like feature just to feel the love.
Well, thanks to XDA Senior Member
AndroidON, users who are carrying the
Motorola Atrix 4g can experience a little
bit of the tablet goodness with a mod
that will give Atrix users a tablet UI.
The mod is pretty simple to apply
compared to some. It involves
overwriting a services.jar file and a
couple of build.prop tweaks, then reboot
and your home screen should bear a
striking resemblance to an Android
Tablet. It should help lessen the
jealousy, at least. Getting back is no big
deal either, as AndroidON explains:
So, If you want to get back,
just change your density to 240 and it
will revert to phone UI.
We need reboot between UI change
but maybe devs can do some mod after
CM9 have all feature
So if you’re looking to add some tablet
UI goodness to your Atrix, you can find
the proper files and instructions in the
original thread. Don’t forget to make a
backup, though, just in case something
goes awry.


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