Monday, February 27, 2012

Eternal legacy HD

Guys befor going into the video I just wanna make it clear that If u make any errors in the process,uninstall the game..Delete the data and the titanium backup files from the sd cardand paste them again...

1)Download the game's-i)APK
                                    ii)Data (the same data link sanved uploaded,if u already have it,then u need not downloadl.But u must clear the data from the sd card and paste again)
                                   iii)Titanium backup(game files)
                                   iv)Titanium backup pro

I Crossed level 2..Now in level 3..Here is the proof

While making that video i was not sure..Now confirmed that i crossed the part where it lags

1)Install the apk.after installing click done and don click open
2)install titanium backup pro
3)Paste the data files in sd/gameloft/games/here
4)Paste the titanium files in sd/Titanium backup/here
5)open titanium backup pro
6)select backup/restore
7)select the game
8)click restore
9)Select data only
10)run game



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