Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creed Rom for Samsung galaxy y

Creed's ROM v2.0 for Samsung Galaxy Y

Here are some features about Creed's ROM -

*Adb/Hard Root - Access to Android Commander
*Soft Root- SU
*Pre Deodexed
*Maps With WorldWide Navigation

*Bloatware Removed
*BusyBox Support
*Init.d Support
*30+ Init.d Script For Faster Peformance

*Message App:
-No Auto Sms To Mms Conversion
-No Receipient Limit
-Built In 5 Theme

*Touchwiz App(Samsung Home) :
-Transparency Level Increased
-Alphabetical Auto Arrange
-ICS Style Dock and Icons
-Landscape Orientation Intoduced

*Full System Ice-Cream Sandwich Themed
*Auto Brightness Option in Display
*ICS Icon Pack
*ICS Notifications and Audio Ringtones
*ICS Music Player

*Boot Animation Enabled
*Custom Boot Animation Added
*Custom Power On Sound
*Reduces Startup Time ~Less Than 13 seconds

*14 Status Bar Toggles
All 5 From Samsung(Wifi,B/T,Soung,GPS,Orientation)
Shut Down Options
Reboot,Recovery & Download modes
Airplane Mode
Auto Synchronize
Screen Timeout
(Note: Select Your Toggles and their order from Menu>Quick Panel Settings App)

Tutorial -

1) Download this update and update your phone to it. - LINK (Highly Compulsory)
2) Download the ROM file named '' from here - LINK
Those who want the 14 Notification Status bar, download this - LINK
3) Now copy this ROM file named '' and the 14 Notification Status bar named '' directly in your phone’s SD Card not in any folder.
4) Switch off your device and restart it into recovery mode using the following key combination

Volume UP + Home Button + Power Button

5) You will find your phone in recovery mode with blue colored UI. You cannot use touchscreen while your phone is in recovery mode.
For making selections and movements, you have to make use of volume up/down keys and make the selection by pressing home key.
6)once u enter the recovery mode apply wipe data(make sure u back up ur data before wiping data)...when u select wipe data there will be many no and one yes,give that yes(compulsary)

7) In the recovery mode menu, there is an option 'apply update from sdcard' Select it.
8) Choose the file '' and click on “yes”.
9) After the patching of that file, you will be back to the menu, and there it’s written “reboot system now”. Select it.
10) After this the phone starts. This might take 5 minutes.
11) When the ROM starts there won't be the 14 Status bar in it though.
12) To install it follow the same procedure given above but install the file '' this time instead.


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